Recent Registration Hearings

The below Registration hearings were recently conducted subject to the Heritage Act 2017.

Carngham Memorial Church, 954 Linton-Carngham Road, Snake Valley

Submissions were received and a hearing requested in relation to the Executive Director’s recommendation that the Carngham Memorial Church at 954 Linton-Carngham Road, Snake Valley not be included in the Victorian Heritage Register. Pursuant to section 46 of the Heritage Act 2017, interested parties participated in a Heritage Council Registration Hearing on 15 April 2024.

A Heritage Council determination in relation to the place will be published in the coming months, pursuant to section 49(2)(a) of the Heritage Act 2017.


For further information on Heritage Council hearings see Heritage Council Protocol 1 – Registration Hearings or contact the Secretariat on 8508 1656 or