Heritage Protection

Identifying and registering places and objects that are important to the history of our state allows us to protect, celebrate and highlight their special interest to us as a community.   Victoria’s historic buildings, monuments, parks, gardens, shipwreck sites and other places and objects of state significance are listed in the Victorian Heritage Register.   You can search the Victorian Heritage Database to look for information on the range of fascinating objects and places that have been registered for protection.

The Heritage Act 2017

Respect for our cultural heritage involves protecting places and objects that have importance to us as a community.

The Heritage Information Pack

Want to find out more about heritage, its protection and how you can be involved? Check out the Heritage Information Pack resources, and feel free to download and share.

The Victorian Heritage Register

The Victorian Heritage Register provides legal protection for heritage places and objects that are significant to the history and development of Victoria. Find out the steps involved in registration and how to nominate a place or object for the Victorian Heritage Register.

Criteria for Inclusion in the Victorian Heritage Register

We use a range of criteria to help us decide whether a place or object is important to understanding the history of our state. You can see examples of registered places and why they were included in the Victorian Heritage Register.

Heritage and climate change

The Heritage Council of Victoria, in partnership with Heritage Victoria, have started a project to understand how Victoria’s cultural heritage places and objects will be impacted by climate change so that policy and guidance can be created where it will be of most benefit.

Heritage Policy and Guidance

The Heritage Council’s policy and guidance documents to assist in the nomination and assessment of places and objects for inclusion in the Victorian Heritage Register.

Interim Protection Orders

Guidance in what the Heritage Council may take into account when considering whether to make an Interim Protection Order over a place or object.

Special Assistance

Information on eligibility for special assistance for owners of a registered place, and how to apply.