The Heritage Council of Victoria recognises, protects and celebrates Victoria’s cultural heritage. We advise the government and others on how to conserve and protect historically important objects and places for the enjoyment of current and future generations.

We are an independent statutory body and we provide legal protection for places and objects that are important to the history and development of Victoria.

50 Years

Protecting Our Past, Enriching Our Future

50 Years of the Victorian Heritage Register! The Heritage Council of Victoria will celebrate this milestone and the many important places and objects protected in the Victorian Heritage Register through various events and partnerships throughout the year.

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The HCV Hub – online platform for lodging forms and submissions

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Changes to the Heritage Act

As a result of the Heritage Amendment Bill 2023, changes to the Heritage Act have now commenced.

Heritage Protection

Start here to find out more about the different types of heritage recognition within Victoria.

Registration Decisions

Read about the Heritage Council of Victoria's recent registration decisions.

Modern Melbourne

A series of short films celebrating Melbourne's modernist architects and designers.