Order a Blue Plaque

Blue plaques are available to owners of places and objects listed on the Victorian Heritage Register and are a way of highlighting Victoria’s diverse heritage places, and the stories and history behind them.

Blue plaques are used by tourists, visitors and those interested in the history of their local areas. Anyone passing by has the chance to read the plaques and learn more of the rich heritage that surrounds them. It is expected that people will respect the privacy of private home owners.

Owners and managers of these properties also benefit. Many owners are proud of the way their buildings contribute to the heritage of the State and are happy for their home or property to be celebrated.

A growing number of places have been adapted for commercial use as galleries, restaurants, accommodation venues or are in some way open to the public. Others, such as court houses, museums, public gardens, archaeological sites are in public ownership but their significance is not always acknowledged.

Who gets a blue plaque?

All places and objects added to the Victorian Heritage Register are automatically entitled to a blue plaque. We invite all owners of registered places and objects to participate in the blue plaque program. If you are interested in getting a plaque for your State-registered property or object, please contact us on 03 9194 0869 or email heritage.council@delwp.vic.gov.au.

The Heritage Council of Victoria supplies the blue plaque free of charge.


Where possible the plaque should be affixed to something other than the actual historic fabric. We can provide advice on the best way to attach the plaques to your property. Plaques are easy to clean and require virtually no maintenance.