Strategic Plan

Heritage Council of Victoria Strategic Plan


This Strategic Plan will guide the Heritage Council of Victoria’s work over the five years from 2016 – 2020.

OUR VISION 2016-2020

Victorians connect with and value our diverse cultural heritage, acting as custodians for the stories of the past, present and future. Within this vision we aspire to have:

  • Victorian communities, government, landowners and custodians understand the value of heritage and its contribution to enriched places and culture
  • A world-class Victorian heritage system that protects and enhances heritage.



Our strategies over the next five years are:

Strategy 1:

Understanding of cultural heritage

Strategy 2:

Effective and integrated heritage system

Strategy 3:

Innovative heritage projects and practice

Strategy 4:

Improved Council governance and operations

HCV Strategic Plan 2016-20 (PDF 6 MB)