The Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens
BHP House Credit: © 2018 HIN LIM AIPP | Hin Lim Photography

The Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens

World Heritage Environs Area Draft World Heritage Strategy Plan


The Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens (‘REB & CG’) site is included in the Victorian Heritage Register. It is also one of only four places in Australia included in the UNESCO World Heritage List solely for cultural heritage values. Pursuant to the Victorian Heritage Act 2017 (‘the Act’), the REB & CG World Heritage Environs Area (‘WHEA’) is managed by a World Heritage Management Plan, of which the World Heritage Strategy Plan (‘Strategy Plan’) forms a part. The Strategy Plan sets out strategies for the appropriate use of the REB & CG WHEA to ensure the protection and management of its world heritage values. The Management Plan (and therefore the Strategy Plan) must be reviewed every seven years. The Executive Director, Heritage Victoria, has prepared a new draft Strategy Plan which is now available for public response.

Submissions on the draft Strategy Plan to be made to the Heritage Council for consideration

The draft Strategy Plan will be advertised for 60 days. Any person or body can make submissions to the Heritage Council in relation to the draft Strategy Plan, pursuant to section 172 of the Act. Following the Heritage Council’s consideration of the draft Strategy Plan, any submissions received, and any other matters it considers relevant, and after conducting any hearing, the Council must adopt the draft Strategy Plan with or without amendments and give the draft Strategy Plan to the Minister for Planning for approval.

  • Please find the draft Strategy Plan attached below:


  • Your submission must be lodged via email, using the REB & CG WHEA Submission Form (below) by no later than Tuesday 14 September 2021, to:


Please note your submission may include a request that the Heritage Council conduct a hearing. The Heritage Council must consider all submissions received whether a hearing is conducted or not. The Heritage Council may conduct a hearing but is not required to do so.

If you have any questions about the above, please contact the Heritage Council by email at or by telephone on (03) 8508 1656.


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Regional Policy

State Policy

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