Documents for Registrations and Reviews


Heritage Act 2017 Protocols and Forms

Protocols for Hearings and Reviews

Any review or hearing processes that begins after 1 November 2017 will be governed by the Heritage Act 2017. The below protocols outline the usual process Council will follow when conducting these hearings and reviews.

Protocol 1 – Registration Hearings (Word 54KB)(PDF 136KB)

Protocol 2 – Permit Reviews and Hearings (Word 58KB)(PDF 129KB)

Protocol 3 – Nomination Reviews (Word 42KB)(PDF 133KB)

Protocol 4 – Archaeological Consent Review (Word 51KB)(PDF 121KB)

Protocol 5 – Directions Hearings (Word 638KB) (PDF 38KB)

Protocol 6 – Expert Evidence (Word 659KB) (PDF 148KB)

Forms for Hearings and Reviews

Use these forms when making submissions and requests.

Form A – Submission to the Heritage Council (Word 43KB)(PDF 90KB)

Form B – Registration Hearing Participation (Word 44KB)(PDF 113KB)

Form C – Request for a Permit Review (Word 265KB)(PDF 273KB)

Form D – Permit Review Hearing Participation (Word 43KB)(PDF 90KB)

Form E – Request for Adjournment (Word42KB)(PDF 104KB)

Form F – Request to Amend Plans (Word 45KB)(PDF 86KB)

Form G – Request for a Nomination Review (Word 264KB)(PDF 266KB)

Form H – Request for a Consent Review (Word 296KB)(PDF 285KB)


Fee Schedule 2019-20 and Heritage Regulations 2017

If you are required to pay a fee please refer to the below Fee Schedule 2019-20 and Heritage Regulations 2017 to assist you in determining the correct fee amount.

Fee Schedule 2019-20 (PDF 144KB)(Word 84KB)

Heritage Regulations 2017 (Word 104KB) (PDF 284KB)