Documents for Registrations and Reviews

The Heritage Council has launched its new, online platform, the HCV Hub, for the lodgment of all forms and submissions in relation to its regulatory processes conducted pursuant to the Heritage Act 2017.

Protocols for Registrations and Reviews

The below protocols outline the usual process the Heritage Council follows when conducting registrations and reviews pursuant to the Heritage Act 2017.

Protocol 1 – Registration Hearings (PDF 193KB)

Protocol 2 – Permit Reviews and Hearings (PDF 204KB)

Protocol 3 – Nomination Reviews (PDF 109B)

Protocol 4 – Archaeological Consent Review (PDF 124KB)

Protocol 5 – Directions Hearings (PDF 39KB)

Protocol 6 – Expert Evidence (PDF 64KB)

Protocol 7 – Archaeological Value Hearings (PDF 176KB)

For information on Interim Protection Orders, please see the Interim Protection Orders webpage 

Forms for Registrations and Reviews – now on the HCV Hub

The Heritage Council’s previously paper-based Forms A – H for hearings and reviews are now required to be lodged directly with the Heritage Council via the HCV Hub.

Via the HCV Hub, interested persons can: 

  • Make a Form A submission to the Heritage Council pursuant to section 44 of the Heritage Act 2017 in relation to a currently advertised Executive Director recommendation 
  • Request a Permit Review
  • Request a Nomination Review
  • Request an Archaeological Consent Review and
  • Request the Heritage Council make an Interim Protection Order in relation to a place or object. 

As of September 2022, Heritage Council Forms I and J in relation to Archaeological Value recommendations and hearings are yet to transition to the HCV Hub and are still required to be lodged using the previous pdf/MS Word forms.

For access to Forms I and J please contact the Heritage Council via email at

PLEASE NOTE: Regulatory matters already underway prior to 12 September 2022 will continue to use email and OneDrive for the receipt and circulation of material. Where a matter continues over email, MS Word/Pdf versions of forms etc. will be provided directly to interested parties and hearing participants throughout this period of transition.

If you are unsure if your relevant matter is proceeding via the HCV Hub, or you require access to a PDF/Word form during this time, please contact

Additional information on the HCV Hub, including how to create a login, is available at HCV Hub Information.

For technical support in accessing the HCV Hub, please contact

Fee Schedule 2022-23 and Heritage Regulations 2017

If you are required to pay a fee, please refer to the below Fee Schedule 2022-23 and Heritage Regulations 2017 to assist you in determining the correct fee amount. Fees are now able to be paid directly via the HCV Hub at the time of lodging a request for review.

Fee Schedule 2022-23 (PDF 349KB) (Word 117KB)

Heritage Regulations 2017