Documents for Registrations and Reviews

Heritage Act 2017 Protocols and Forms

Protocols for Hearings and Reviews

Any review or hearing processes that began after 1 November 2017 is governed by the Heritage Act 2017. The below protocols outline the usual process Council follows when conducting these hearings and reviews.

Protocol 1 – Registration Hearings (PDF 211KB)

Protocol 2 – Permit Reviews and Hearings(PDF 219KB)

Protocol 3 – Nomination Reviews (PDF 196KB)

Protocol 4 – Archaeological Consent Review (PDF 183KB)

Protocol 5 – Directions Hearings (PDF 39KB)

Protocol 6 – Expert Evidence (PDF 64KB)

Protocol 7 – Archaeological Value Hearings (PDF 213KB)

Forms for Hearings and Reviews

Use these forms when making submissions and requests.

Due to the current delays in postal delivery times, the Heritage Council requests that, where possible, all submissions are lodged via email, to Please contact us if you are unable to submit a form by email.

Form A – Submission to the Heritage Council (Word 65KB)(PDF 230KB)

Form B – Registration Hearing Participation (Word 48KB)(PDF 206KB)

Form C – Request for a Permit Review (Word 274KB)(PDF 423KB)

Form D – Permit Review Hearing Participation (Word 54KB)(PDF 233KB)

Form E – Request for Adjournment (Word50KB)(PDF 219KB)

Form F – Request to Amend Plans (Word 51KB)(PDF 255KB)

Form G – Request for a Nomination Review (Word 270KB)(PDF 413KB)

Form H – Request for a Consent Review (Word 304KB)(PDF 445KB)

Form I – Archaeological Value Submission to the Heritage Council (Word KB) (PDF 204KB)

Form J – Archaeological Value Hearing Participation Form (Word 73KB) (PDF 208 KB)

Fee Schedule 2020-21 and Heritage Regulations 2017

If you are required to pay a fee please refer to the below Fee Schedule 2020-21 and Heritage Regulations 2017 to assist you in determining the correct fee amount.

Fee Schedule 2021-22 (PDF 349KB) (Word 117KB)

Heritage Regulations 2017