Your Home

This section is for anyone living in an older home. Find out more about your home’s architectural history and features, how best to maintain it, what to consider if you want to make changes – including what permits you might need – and how to make it more energy efficient. Our series of technical and interactive guides offer a range of practical advice and case studies to help you restore, maintain and enjoy your home.

Visit Heritage Victoria to find out if you need a permit to make changes to your home.

Owner’s Guide

The Heritage Council of Victoria and Heritage  Victoria have developed an owner’s guide for people with properties listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.

Heritage Places and Sustainability

Our guidance sheets demonstrate practical ways to make houses of all periods more energy efficient and sustainable without compromising the heritage value of the building.

What House is That?

From early Victorian to Modern styles this interactive neighbourhood provides information about the character, features and history of the main housing styles found in Victoria.