What We Do

The Heritage Council of Victoria is an independent statutory body which identifies and protects places and objects of cultural heritage significance to the State of Victoria.

Our role is to ensure that our diverse cultural heritage is enjoyed, managed and protected for current and future generations.

Our work

The Heritage Council of Victoria:

    • advises the Minister for Planning on the protection and conservation of Victoria’s cultural heritage
    • decides which places and objects are added to or removed from the Victorian Heritage Register
    • reviews permit, archaeological consent and nomination decisions when requested
    • promotes public understanding of Victoria’s cultural heritage and conducts community education and information programs
    • undertakes research related to identification, conservation and interpretation of cultural heritage
    • advises and liaises with state government departments and agencies and municipal councils on the protection and conservation of places and objects of cultural significance.

Our Strategic Plan sets out our priorities for 2021-2025.

How we are run

The Heritage Council of Victoria is made up of ten members and ten alternate members and is an independent statutory authority decision-making body established under the Heritage Act 2017 that makes decisions on heritage issues in Victoria. Council members are drawn from a wide range of professional disciplines and organisations. The Council is supported by a small secretariat.

The powers and responsibilities of the Heritage Council are set out in the Heritage Act.

Relationship with Heritage Victoria

Heritage Victoria is a business unit in the planning group of the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) and is responsible for administering the Heritage Act.

While the Heritage Council frequently liaises with Heritage Victoria and its Executive Director, protocols have been developed to ensure that independence is maintained for the Heritage Council’s decision making and quasi-judicial roles.

Statement of Expectations (SOE)

The Victorian Government requires all regulators to have a Statement of Expectations (SOE) in place to establish clear expectations for regulator performance to reduce red tape affecting businesses, not for profit organisations, government service providers, and households. A SOE provides a consistent framework for regulators to improve administration and enforcement of regulation.

The letter to the Chair, Heritage Council of Victoria sets out improvements and targets that form the SOE – SOE from Minister for Planning to Heritage Council Victoria (PDF 399KB).