Scheduled Archaeological Value Hearings

The below Archaeological Value hearings are being conducted subject to the Heritage Act 2017 .

There are currently no Archaeological Value hearings being conducted.


If you wish to make a submission in relation to any of the above hearings, please call the Heritage Council Secretariat on 03 8508 1656.

Please note that all written submissions received will be circulated to other interested parties. While the Heritage Council will endeavour to respect any privacy wishes of which it is informed, it is bound by the Freedom of Information Act 1982. You should expect your submission to be freely and wholly available to anyone seeking access to it.

Further information on Heritage Council hearings is provided in the document Heritage Council Protocol 7 – Archaeological Value Hearings.

To enable the Heritage Council to prepare a timetable for a hearing, persons who wish to present their submission in person to the Heritage Council must complete Heritage Council Form J – Archaeological Value Hearing Participation Form and lodge it by the date given by the Heritage Council.

For further information on Heritage Council Archaeological Value hearings and how to observe a hearing, please contact the Secretariat on 03 8508 1656 or