Criterion E

“Importance in exhibiting particular aesthetic characteristics.”

The Marianne Gibson Quilt, Wangaratta (VHR H2297), created from 1890-1896, has aesthetic significance as an outstanding example of the craft of crazy quilting. The quilt has been the subject of acclaim in several books written by Margaret Rolfe, one of the foremost quilt scholars in Australia, and by Patricia Cox Crews, Professor of Textiles, Clothing and Design and the Director of the International Quilt Study Center at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. The quilt was displayed in the National Exhibition of Historic Quilts in Sydney in 1988 and was put onto the online National Quilt Register in 1996.



The Marmalake/Murtoa Grain Store (VHR H0791) was constructed in 1941 for the temporary storage of wheat during wartime. It is of aesthetic significance as a building that provokes inspirational or strong feelings in people who visit the place. It is valued for its impressive external presence in the surrounding plain and for the aesthetic qualities of its vast internal space, which has been compared to both cathedrals and forests.

murtoa grain store


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