In memory of Jeff Robinson

A message from Heritage Council Chair, Professor Philip Goad, on behalf of Heritage Council of Victoria members and staff.

The Heritage Council of Victoria is devastated to hear about the sudden passing of Jeff Robinson.

Jeff was a key member of the Heritage Council for 6 years. His boundless enthusiasm, optimism and energy were felt at every event and every meeting he attended. As well as his groundbreaking work in sustainability, Jeff was a passionate advocate and lover of heritage.

Jeff was instrumental in the development of the Heritage Council’s climate change research and committee work looking at the impact of climate change on heritage places. He was a master networker and represented the Heritage Council at countless events, always returning with new ideas and strategic alliances. He was always keen to learn new things, and was invariably the first person to volunteer his time and efforts, and get involved.

Jeff consistently applied his dynamism, passion and adeptness for communicating to developing Council resources, guidelines and campaigns which influenced others to learn about, understand, and protect heritage.

While Irish to the core, Jeff was also the best of Melbourne. His diary was always full to the brim with events highlighting and advocating for a brighter future for his adopted city through better planning, building and design. When Jeff was in the audience you always knew the first question would be his and it would be considered and clever.

Jeff made us all braver and smarter, encouraging us all to ask the right questions and to never stop learning and connecting. Our deepest sympathies to his beloved family and his professional collaborators of which there are legion. Melbourne has lost a giant.