Congratulations to the 2023 Houses Award Winners

On Friday 28 July the 2023 Houses Awards were announced during a ceremony held at the Art Gallery of News South Wales. The Heritage Council of Victoria is a proud supporter of the House in a Heritage Context category, which was awarded to Design 5 – Architects, for The Millers Point Townhouse.

The Jury citation notes “The meticulous analysis, exceptional conservation work and attention to detail that has been invested in this project has resulted in a reinvigorated and exemplary outcome.”

The Jury citation notes “While the conservation works are restrained and rigorous, contemporary interventions successfully reinterpret lost elements and meet their clients’ modern brief. This project illuminates 1840s life while guaranteeing the building has a bright and beautiful future.”

The Heritage Council also congratulates the extraordinary list of nominees for the heritage category, as well as the winners of the other award categories, which can be viewed on the Houses Awards website, alongside a gallery of all nominees’ projects:

Images: Guthrie Project