Release of revised Victorian Heritage Register Criteria and Threshold Guidelines

The Heritage Council is pleased to announce the release of a revised version of the Victorian Heritage Register Criteria and Threshold Guidelines (the Guidelines).

The Guidelines are an essential document for the assessment and determination of state-level cultural heritage significance of places and objects under the Heritage Act 2017.

To ensure they continue to be an effective tool, the Guidelines are periodically reviewed. The most recent review has just concluded.

The changes that have been made have been grounded in feedback from regular users of the Guidelines. The revisions provide greater clarity in how the Guidelines are to be used and the Criteria are to be applied. The Criteria themselves have not changed.

The Heritage Council would like to thank Heritage Victoria, past Heritage Council members and the many heritage practitioners and specialists who generously provided feedback and contributed their expertise to the consultation and review process that supported this revision.

To see the revised Guidelines and find information about what has changed check out the Criteria for Inclusion in the Victorian Heritage Register page.