Congratulations to the 2022 Houses Award Winners

On Friday 29 July the 2022 Houses Awards were announced during a ceremony held at the State Library of Victoria. The Heritage Council of Victoria is a proud supporter of the House in a Heritage Context category, which was awarded to both Bence Mulcahy for Fusilier Cottage and Studio Bright for Autumn House.

The Jury citation notes “Fusiliers Cottage occupies a corner site with garden and sycamore alongside. Planning was driven by the mixed use while form and materiality the context. The timber facade moderates light and outlook and provides enjoyable engagement with streetscape. Appearing small and simple, upon inspection revealing itself as expansive and complex.”

The Jury citation notes “Autumn House negotiates the need for refuge, retreat, and privacy while engaging with its urban context. An extension to a Victorian terrace with a 1980’s renovation by architect Mick Jörgensen and a mature backyard elm tree, the project adds a new layer carefully stitched into and around these constraints.”

The Heritage Council also congratulates the extraordinary list of nominees for the heritage category, as well as the winners of the other award categories, which can be viewed on the Houses Awards website, alongside a gallery of all nominees’ projects.

Top Image: Autumn House by Rory Gardiner

Bottom Image: Fusilier Cottage by Adam Gibson