Welcome to new Council Members and Alternate Members

The Heritage Council of Victoria is very pleased to announce the appointment of its new Members and Alternate Members as recommended by the Minister for Planning and approved by the Governor in Council.

Maddison MillerAlternate Member who is an Aboriginal person with knowledge of cultural heritage

Dr Ursula de JongArchitectural history/conservation Member

Ruth ReddenArchitectural history/conservation Alternate Member

Phoebe LaGerche-WijsmanAlternate Member in the National Trust category

Dr Janine MajorArchaeology Alternate Member

We would also like to announce the reappointment of Anna Foley as full Member in the National Trust category and Dr Karen Murphy as full Member in the archaeology category. We are grateful to have their continued involvement and expertise on Council.

The Heritage Council is an independent statutory authority made up of ten members and ten alternates with professional qualifications in specific areas as outlined in the Heritage Act 2017. Council members are drawn from a wide range of professional disciplines and organisations.

If you wish to learn more about the Members, head to the Member Profiles page.