The National Trust of Australia (Victoria), in association with the Centre for Architecture Victoria/Open House Melbourne, is featuring key places that paved the way for modern Victoria, 75 years later, by launching WWII At Home.

WWII At Home revitalises storytelling through an interactive website, featuring 18 significant Victorian places and demonstrating the transformative impact the Second World War had on this State. The WWII At Home website, funded by the Victorian Government, is part of a state-wide program to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II.

The website invites Victorians to explore, from the comfort of their own home, the impact of WWII on Victoria through three lenses: our local responses to the war effort, how we reflect and remember the sacrifices undertaken during the war, and the corresponding post-war rejuvenation and blossoming of modern society.

Through Virtual Reality, 360-degree photography and interviews with veterans and their descendants, visitors to the website can discover historic sites such as the War Cabinet Room (pictured above), and the Tatura Internment camp, both normally closed to the public.

The project also features Victorian Heritage Register sites such as the recently added Loveridge Lookout (pictured below), Murtoa Grain Store, and Melbourne’s first sky scraper ICI House.

Images courtesy of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria).