New Heritage Council appointments announced

We are pleased to announce new appointments to Heritage Council.
Minister for Planning Matthew Guy has announced the appointment of a new chair, one new member and the appointment of two former alternates as members to the Heritage Council of Victoria.

Legal member Mary Urquhart has been appointed the new Chair of the Heritage Council, replacing architect Daryl Jackson AO who retired in June after six years as Chair.
New member, Callum Fraser, has been appointed as a full member with expertise in architectural conservation or architectural history.

Alternate member Anthony (Tony) Darvall has been appointed as a full Member of the Heritage Council with legal expertise and alternate member Patricia (Trish) Vejby has been appointed a full Member in the General Member category.

Mr Guy said the new appointments ensured the roles provided under the Heritage Act were filled with highly qualified professionals who had a demonstrated interest in heritage and planning.

“These new appointments bring specialist skills and great passion to the task of protecting and conserving places and objects of cultural heritage significance to the state,” Mr Guy said.

Media Release -Minister Guy – New appointments to Heritage Council (Word 519 KB)