‘100 Places for 100 Years’ War Heritage Trails app launched

The app, developed in a partnership between Veterans’ Affairs, Heritage Victoria and the Heritage Council of Victoria was launched by Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Damian Drum at the Soldiers Memorial Institute and Museum in Bendigo.

The app guides people to 100 sites that recognise the contribution of men and women who served in a range of conflicts including World War I, the Vietnam War and more recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“This is not only a great way to mark our veterans’ heritage and history, it will also provide a tourism boost for Victoria’s terrific regional and rural locations as people discover their family links,”  Mr Drum said.

Many of the memorials and sites featured in the app are staffed by volunteers and are either free to visit or require a gold coin donation.

The app covers more than 60 towns in Victoria, spanning suburban areas and branching out to regional Victoria. Visitors are guided through each site by historical narratives, videos and links with more information.

The Victorian War Heritage Trails app is now available for download from iTunes and Google Play for use on digital devices like smart phones and tablets.

The app was launched with a set of eight companion, location-specific, brochures that can be downloaded by those without a mobile device.

For further information and to download the apps and brochures visit the 100 Places for 100 Years project page.