Total House included in Victorian Heritage Register

Total House, one of the earliest expressions of Brutalist architecture in Victoria, has been added to the Victorian Heritage Register. Following a hearing earlier this year the Heritage Council of Victoria concluded that Total House meets the criteria for inclusion in the State Register.

“Total House is significant to Victoria as it reflects the massive increase in car ownership in the post- World War II period, demonstrating the need to build car parks to accommodate the large number of vehicles coming into the CBD,” Deputy Chair of the Heritage Council Jim Norris said.

“It is also a landmark of modernist design and one of the earliest and best examples of Brutalist architecture in the state,” he said.

There are eight criteria considered by the Heritage Council for the assessment of places of cultural heritage significance. For a place or object to be included in the Victorian Heritage Register it must meet at least one of the criteria. Total House was found to meet two criteria and is considered to be of historic and architectural significance to the state of Victoria.

The Victorian Heritage Register is the official listing of almost 2300 places and objects which have been assessed as significant to the State of Victoria. The listings provide the State’s highest heritage protection and mean changes require a permit from Heritage Victoria.

The full hearing decision can be viewed at Recent Registration decisions.


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