Modern [1945 > 1970]
Modern House
Modernism in architecture is broadly characterised by open planning and simplicity with bold geometric shapes and little or no ornamentation. Walls are opened to the light with large floor-to-ceiling windows. The design of the buildings often expresses innovative use of materials and structure.



> walls in bold rectilinear or sometimes in other geometric shapes

> flat roofs

> occasional bold, curved elements like a spiral stair, driveway or garden wall

> wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows combined with blank walls and small windows like punched holes

> houses sometimes raised above ground on thin columns, so that they seem to float




> gardens are increasingly diverse in plantings and design, occasional front fences in low brick, or no fence

> wide areas of lawn with narrow perimeter garden beds, trimmed hedges and small shrubs, roses are common

> native plants begin to be introduced in a bush garden configuration






> flat plaster walls with minimal cornices the only ornament, textured wood, stone or wallpaper sometimes used on feature walls

> small architraves and skirtings in either stained or painted wood






> columns, balustrades and other necessary but incidental elements made as thin as possible

> cream or salmon pink bricks; render or fibre cement walls painted white or cream

> timber or steel window frames often painted white

> colours used in small areas, usually primary red, yellow or blue, sometimes green, orange or pastels







Salmon Pink

Pale Ochre





Light Cream

Fern Green

Signal Red





> architects influenced by European and American ideas develop a regional Modern domestic architecture in 1950s and 1960s

> Robin Boyd leads change in design and promotes awareness of architecture

> innovation, simplicity and open planning is the essence of Modern design

> architects focus on maximising views and connecting inside and outside spaces

> interest in environmentally sensitive design and a new appreciation of native plants and gardens