Heritage Protection Explained

Respect for our cultural heritage involves protecting places and objects that have importance to us as a community. Identifying and registering places and objects of cultural significance helps us to protect and conserve them.

Heritage places and objects in Victoria are considered to be of either:

  • state significance, or
  • local significance.

Various legislation governs heritage protection at all levels.

State listing 

Heritage places and objects of ‘State-level cultural heritage significance’ are listed on the Victorian Heritage Register. To be included in the Victorian Heritage Register, places and objects must meet the Heritage Council of Victoria’s assessment criteria. All heritage places and objects registered by the Heritage Council are considered to be important to understanding the history and development of Victoria.

Anyone can nominate heritage places and objects for addition to the Victorian Heritage Register. Registered heritage places are legally protected and cannot be altered without a permit or permit exemption from Heritage Victoria.

Places that are of State-level cultural heritage significance are managed in accordance with the Heritage Act 2017.

Local listing 

Local councils record and protect places of value to the local community. Places of local significance may be protected by listing on a schedule to the Heritage Overlay, under your local council’s planning scheme. Local government manages the identification and protection of places under the planning scheme.

Councils are responsible for issuing planning permits for the use and development of heritage places under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Classification by the National Trust

The National Trust of Australia (Victoria) is a community organisation that works towards preserving and protecting heritage places. Classification by the National Trust does not entail legal recognition.

Although the National Trust plays an important role in advocating heritage protection, it is not responsible for issuing heritage or planning permits.

Victorian Heritage Database

You can find information on places and objects of historical and cultural significance in Victoria in the Victorian Heritage Database.