Webinar One: Common Misconceptions about Heritage

Opened by Professor Philip Goad, Chair of the Heritage Council of Victoria, join us for the official launch event of the Australian Heritage Festival in Victoria.

Recorded: Friday 19 April 2024, 2.00pm
Presenter: Steve Campbell-Wright

This webinar episode aims to resolve some of the common misconceptions of heritage, such as:

  • The heritage protection system is complicated.
  • State heritage is more important than local heritage.
  • Heritage is always old and just buildings.
  • When a place or object is identified as heritage, it cannot be used or changed anymore.
  • Heritage buildings cannot be sustainable.

Steve Campbell-Wright is the Alternate History Member on the Heritage Council Victoria. Steve is a cultural historian with particular interest in the influence of place on the culture of organisations and communities. He is a respected researcher and author on subjects ranging from built heritage and military culture to automotive history.