Research & Projects

The Heritage Council of Victoria initiates research and works with other organisations on projects to improve the protection and understanding of Victoria’s fascinating heritage.

We provide research findings, case studies and guidance to improve practice in the heritage sector and to guide decisions that affect the historic environment.

Church in landscape

Recognition of Shared Values

The Shared Values project aims to better recognise Aboriginal and shared heritage values in the Victorian Heritage Register.

Community Perceptions of Heritage

The Heritage Council of Victoria commissioned a literature review of existing research and studies on community perceptions of heritage to inform planning and help provide a basis for prioritising projects and expenditure.

Industrial Heritage Adaptive Reuse Case Studies

Reusing industrial places and spaces can reinvigorate our cities, towns and landscapes. This series of case studies challenges and inspires us make the most of Victoria’s rich industrial heritage.

Responses to Government Enquiries and Reports

Our advice to the Minister, government departments, local councils and other agencies aims to lead the debate on the protection and conservation of heritage places and objects in Victoria.

Framework of Historical Themes

Viewing places or objects as part of a broader historical theme deepens our understanding and appreciation of Victoria’s history and heritage.

Migration heritage

From the Preston market to the local milk bar, discover the places and spaces that are important to Victoria’s post-war migrant communities.