Permit Reviews
Portland Botanic Gardens Credit: Adam Dimech

Permit Reviews

Permit reviews are conducted by the Heritage Council so that owners or custodians who are dissatisfied with a decision about a permit to alter a heritage place or object can challenge that decision and present their case in person.

The Council is publishing a new set of protocols and forms to govern hearings and reviews which will be available on our website early next week.

Please note the Heritage Act 2017 commences on 1 November. Registration and permit appeal processes which began under the Heritage Act 1995 will continue to be governed by that legislation from 1 November. Any review or hearing processes that begin after 1 November will be governed by the Heritage Act 2017.

Permit Appeals Explained

Follow the stages of a Permit Appeal Hearing from beginning to end. This section describes what is involved in a Permit Appeal Hearing and shows you the steps involved in making an appeal.

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