Executive Director Recommendations

Executive Director recommendations

In accordance with section 41 of the Heritage Act 2017, the following recommendations have been made to the Heritage Council of Victoria by the Executive Director, Heritage Victoria:

The following place has been recommended for inclusion in the Victorian Heritage Register:



The following place has not been recommended for inclusion in the Victorian Heritage Register:



The following place has been recommended for amendment in the Victorian Heritage Register:




Any person or body may make a written submission to the Heritage Council in relation to a recommendation of the Executive Director above.

Written submissions must be made in the prescribed form, Form A, and reach the Heritage Council Hearings Coordinator within 60 days by 16 July 2018. Please see the link below:

Heritage Council Form A – Submission to the Heritage Council

Email: heritage.council@delwp.vic.gov.au

Further information

Further information on how to make a submission and the Registration Hearing process is available under Registration Hearings.

 Protocol 1 – Registration Hearings

All written submissions will be treated as public documents. While the Heritage Council will endeavour to respect any privacy wishes of which it is informed, it is bound by the Freedom of Information Act 1982. Please expect your submission to be freely and wholly available to anyone seeking access to it.

Recent additions and amendments

Decisions on what is included in the Victorian Heritage Register, and on any amendments to an existing registration, are made by the Heritage Council at its regular meetings or following a Registration Hearing.

Recent decisions are available on the Recent Registration Decisions page

Registration Hearings

Registration Hearings are public processes that allow interested people to present their views on whether a place or object is added to the Victorian Heritage Register or an existing registration is amended.

More information on recommendations

For any further information about the Executive Director’s recommendations please email: heritage.council@delwp.vic.gov.au.