Interim Protection Orders

Interim Protection Orders (IPOs) can be made by either the Heritage Council or the Executive Director, Heritage Victoria to protect places/objects which may be of state level significance which are under immediate or imminent threat. A place or object which is subject to an interim protection order is deemed for the period of that order to be included in the Heritage Register. During this time it receives protection under the Heritage Act 2017 while it is being assessed for consideration by the Heritage Council of Victoria.


Effective 1 July 2012, the Heritage Council has adopted the following policy ‘Matters to be considered in the making of an Interim Protection Order under section 56(1) of the Heritage Act 1995’. Policy Guideline Interim Protection Orders IPO s56


This guidance will add clarity for owners, managers, permit applicants, local councils and other participants in the planning and heritage systems on what matters the Executive Director or the Heritage Council may take into account in considering whether or not to make an Interim Protection Order (IPO) over a place or object.