Scheduled Permit Appeals

H0126 Spurling House, Brighton

An appeal to the Heritage Council has been lodged in relation to the refusal of a permit to demolish the above place. In order to determine the matter, the Permits Committee of the Heritage Council will conduct a hearing. The hearing was held on 3 July 2017. A decision is pending.

Information for all Appeals

Please note that all written submissions received in relation to a permit appeal will be treated as public documents. While the Heritage Council will endeavour to respect any privacy wishes of which it is informed, it is bound by the Freedom of Information Act 1982. You should expect your submission to be freely and wholly available to anyone seeking access to it.

Further information on Heritage Council hearings is provided in the document Heritage Council Hearings Protocol 1: General Information about Heritage Council Hearings.

To enable the Heritage Council to prepare a timetable for a hearing, it is requested that those parties who wish to present their submission to the Heritage Council complete a Request to be heard by the Heritage Council form  and lodge it with their initial submission.

For further information on permit appeals to the Heritage Council, contact the Hearings Manager on 03 9651 5063 or