Hearings & Appeals

The Heritage Council of Victoria is an independent statutory body that makes decisions about the inclusion of places in the Victorian Heritage Register and hears appeals against permits issued by Heritage Victoria.

If you would like to nominate a place or object for the Victorian Heritage Register or make changes to a registered place or object you will need to apply to Heritage Victoria, a part of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Registration Hearings

Registration Hearings are public processes that allow interested people to present their views on whether or not a place or object is added to the Victorian Heritage Register or an existing registration is amended.

Protocols for Hearings and Appeals

Protocol 1 – Registration Hearings (Word 1 MB)

Protocol 2 – Registration Submission Form (Word 657 KB)

Protocol 3 – Permit Appeal form (Word 659 KB)

Protocol 4 – Amendments to the original plans (Word 672 KB)

Protocol 5 – Request to be Heard by HCV (Word 663 KB)

Protocol 6 – Request an adjournment (Word 659 KB)

Protocol 7 – Directions Hearings (Word 664 KB)

Protocol 8 – Expert Evidence (Word 648 KB)

Permit Appeals

Permit Appeal Hearings are conducted by the Heritage Council so that owners or custodians who are dissatisfied with a decision about a permit to alter a heritage place or object can challenge that decision and present their case in person.