Member Profiles

The Heritage Council of Victoria is an independent statutory body appointed by the Governor-in-Council. This expert group has a broad range of functions under the Heritage Act 2017, including deciding which places and objects are added to the Victorian Heritage Register. Members represent a broad cross-section of heritage specialists and the community. They include representatives from professions as diverse as archaeology, history, architectural conservation/architectural history, engineering or building construction, property management and planning law.







Prof Stuart Macintyre AO, Chair

Professor Stuart Macintyre has a demonstrated understanding, expertise and interest in Victoria’s heritage and extensive experience as a historian.  He is the former Dean of Arts at the University of Melbourne and was President of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia from 2007 to 2009.








Lindsay Merritt, Property Management Member/Deputy Chair

Lindsay Merritt has 36 years experience as a senior officer in local government, including 19 years as Chief Executive of regional city, metropolitan inner/middle and metropolitan growth area municipalities. He holds formal qualifications in town and regional planning, civil engineering and municipal engineering and has substantial experience with Local Government’s role as custodian of various heritage places and objects.








Prof Andrew May, Historian Member

Professor Andrew May has published widely on the social experience of the Australian city, its public spaces and communal rituals. As Director of the Encyclopaedia of Melbourne he guided that project’s development from the mid 1990s to its publication by Cambridge University Press in 2005.







Paul Coffey, Engineering/Building Construction Member

Paul Coffey has over 20 years’ experience working in the field of building / construction and architecture, and has overseen the development of a wide range of relevant projects. Mr Coffey is currently a Director of Paul Coffey Architecture Pty Ltd.







Louise Honman, Architect Member

Louise Honman is a registered architect with over 25 years experience in heritage assessment and management. She currently works as a director of Context Pty Ltd – a heritage consultancy.







Juliette Halliday,  Lawyer Member
Juliette Halliday has over 10 years experience practising planning, environmental and heritage law in both the public and private sectors. Her experience includes working at the Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office, co-managing the Land Acquisition, Planning and Environment Team.

Robin Crocker






Robin Crocker, National Trust Member

Robin Crocker has over 30 years of experience working in the planning, management and interpretation of natural areas and historic places, both within government organisations and as a consultant. He is a sessional member for Planning Panels Victoria and a member of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria). Mr Crocker also has significant knowledge and expertise in the area of landscape assessment and management, and has visited numerous overseas heritage sites.

Megan Goulding






Megan Goulding, Archaeology Member

Megan Goulding is the CEO and Principal Heritage Adviser for Ochre Imprints. Ms Goulding has expertise in Indigenous cultural heritage management and historical archaeology. Ms Goulding has more than 30 years of experience in cultural heritage management having previously worked in Victorian government heritage agencies, private practice and for Indigenous organisations. Ms Goulding is also a sessional member of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

Penny Smith






Penelope Smith, General Member

Penelope Smith is a town planner and director at Fulcrum Urban Planning, a consulting firm specialising in statutory planning. She has extensive knowledge of urban planning in Victoria, having worked alongside State Ministers, local government, private developers and small businesses. She sits on the Building Appeals Board and is a member of the Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association.







Lucinda Peterson, General Member

Lucinda Peterson is an urban and regional Planner with 20 years’ experience in the local government sector in metropolitan, regional and rural Councils, holding executive management positions in planning and environment portfolios. She served on the Local Government Heritage Advisory Committee of the Heritage Council from 2008-2013 and has extensive experience in heritage planning. She has been a Sessional Member with Planning Panels Victoria since 2013 and is Director of The Planning Connection, based in south west Victoria. Lucinda is a full Member of the Planning Institute of Australia and Member of the Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association.








Leigh Mackay, Alternate Property Manager Member

Leigh Mackay has particular experience with the management of Church assets. Between 1995 and 2001 she served as the Registrar of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. She has served as the Lay Canon of St Paul’s Cathedral for the past seven years.







Garrie Hutchinson, Alternate Historian Member

Garrie Hutchinson is a Melbourne writer who has published more than 30 books on a wide range of Australian cultural topics, from literature and sport to military history and heritage. He has extensive experience as a journalist, and as speechwriter at Federal and State levels.
Recent books include ‘In Memoriam: The History & Heritage of Victoria’s Cemeteries’ (2014) , ‘Remember Them: A Guide to Victoria’s Wartime Heritage’ (2009), and the Anzac Pilgrimage books – ‘A Traveller’s Guide to Australia’s Battlefields’ (2006) and ‘A Traveller’s Guide to New Zealanders in Two World Wars’ (2012).  His military history blog, Remember Them is at
Garrie lectures in the Master of Communications program at RMIT University, and is a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne, undertaking a detailed study of the soldiers and civilians who sailed to the First World War on the Orvieto, the flagship of the first convoy, in October 1914.


Jeffrey Robinson, Alternate Engineering/Building Construction Member

Jeffrey Robinson from Aurecon has a degree in engineering and extensive experience in the design of sustainable buildings and the sustainability of heritage buildings.

Christine Phillips






Dr Christine Phillips, Alternate Heritage/conservation architect Member

Christine Phillips is a registered architect, lecturer and writer.  She is a director of award-winning practice OpenHAUS and co-hosted RRR’s ‘The Architects’ radio show from 2009-2014.  With a PhD in Architectural History, Dr Phillips is a lecturer at RMIT University’s Architecture Program with a particular interest in Australian architectural design and history.   She is actively involved in bringing architecture to the public realm through her ongoing contribution to media, publications, exhibitions and practice.







Patrick Doyle, Alternate Lawyer Member

Patrick Doyle is a lawyer practicing in the fields of planning, environment and heritage. Patrick works with boutique firm TP Legal. Between 2013 and 2016 he also served as Chair of the Law Institute of Victoria’s Planning and Local Government Committee. Patrick holds a Master of Public and International Law, with a focus on environment and heritage. In 2012-2013 Patrick completed an internship with UNESCO in Havana, Cuba.

Natica Schmeder






Natica Schmeder, Alternate National Trust Member

Natica Schmeder is an architectural historian and buildings conservator with a demonstrated understanding, expertise and interest in Victoria’s heritage. She is an Associate with Context, a cultural heritage consultancy. Ms Schmeder’s expertise is in the assessment of cultural heritage significance of built heritage places and the physical analysis of building fabric. She has a particular interest in the conservation of building materials, and is an Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne where she tutors and lectures on material conservation subjects. Ms Schmeder is a member of the National Trust, where she has been the Chair of the Built Environment Committee, and Australia ICOMOS, where she served on the Executive Committee and helped roll out a heritage mentoring program in Victoria.

Karen Murphy






Dr Karen Murphy, Alternate Archaeologist Member

Karen Murphy has extensive experience in historical archaeology and cultural heritage management. Dr Murphy is a Historical Heritage Technical Leader for Jacobs Group and is an experienced practitioner with a PhD in historical archaeology. Dr Murphy has relevant skills in the development of policy and guidelines for cultural heritage legislation and strong understanding of archaeological projects.








Jennifer Moles, Alternate General Member

Jenny Moles has over 40 years experience in planning, principally in state government positions. She has also worked for private consultancies and a firm of lawyers. She was a VCAT member for 12 years and a full time Senior Panel Member at Planning Panels Victoria for 10 years.  She is currently a Senior Sessional Member of Planning Panels Victoria. Jenny has written extensively on heritage in the context of VCAT and Panel reports and was chair of the Advisory Committee which conducted a comprehensive Review of Heritage Provisions in Planning Schemes in 2007.

Maggi Solly, Alternate General Member 

Maggi Solly is an experienced leader in the museums, galleries and the cultural heritage sector. She has had extensive experience in museums and galleries development and management both in Australia and the United Kingdom. She is currently Chair of the Museums Accreditation Committee with Museums Australia Victoria.

Jo Guard, Alternate General Member 

Joanne Guard is an experienced cultural heritage professional with qualifications in heritage conservation. Ms Guard previously worked for Heritage Victoria and has experience in dealing with large, complex heritage sites. She has a demonstrated understanding, expertise, and interest in Victoria’s heritage and extensive knowledge of the listings and approvals process for state registered properties.