Heritage Council Vacancies

The Heritage Council of Victoria consists of 10 members appointed in the following categories:

  • history
  • architectural history / conservation
  • archaeology
  • engineering / building construction
  • property management
  • planning law
  • as a nominee of the National Trust
  • as a person with a demonstrated understanding, expertise or interest in Victoria’s heritage (general).

The Council also consists of up to 10 Alternate Members appointed in the same category as the Members. Alternate Members act when their Member is unavailable or as agreed.

Appointments to the Heritage Council are made by Governor in Council on the advice of the Minister for Planning. Applications are currently being sought for two alternate general members.

Members are required to attend bi-monthly meetings of the Heritage Council. Both Members and Alternate Members are expected to participate in one or more of the Heritage Council’s Committees and / or Advisory Committees. They are also expected to be available to hear appeals in registration and permit matters. Hearings are not necessarily held in Melbourne and often involve site visits within rural / regional Victoria. Given the unpredictability of Council’s hearings workload, it is difficult to estimate the time commitment necessary, but as a rough guide, a Member would normally be expected to work the equivalent of 2-3 weeks full time a year.

Members (and Alternate Members when acting in place of their Member) are eligible to be paid for their time. Members are currently paid at $395.60 for half a day (anything up to four hours) and $791.20 for a full day (four hours and over) plus expenses.

Candidates are required to provide an Expression of Interest letter and a detailed CV through Get On Board.

Information on the Council’s recent work – including recent hearing decisions and project work is available from this website.

If you have any further questions please contact Rhonda McLaren on (03) 8392 5161.


Information for candidates, including required documentation and how to apply online, will be available at Get On Board  from the week of 27 February 2017.  Expressions of interest close on 24 March 2017.